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Food Psych: Christy Harrison: #179: How to Avoid Falling for The Wellness Diet This New Year with Colleen Reichmann


Heartspace podcast: Corinne Dobbas: Colleen Reichmann on Eating Disorders, Recovery, Hope, Body Image & Self-Esteem


Nutrition Matters Podcast: Paige Smathers: The Slippery Slope of Wellness Culture

Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers: Kristen Brunello: Colleen (Story) – HAES-Informed Clinical Psychologist Living Life in Color

Colleen (convo) – HAES-Informed Clinical Psychologist Living Life in Colo


Heartspace podcast: Corinne Dobbas: Colleen Reichmann on Eating Disorders, Recovery, Hope, Body Image & Self-Esteem

Fearless Rebelle Radio: Summer Innanen: Wellness and Fitness Culture With Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Happy as a Mother: Rejecting Diet Culture Mentality with Psychologist Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Escape Diet Prison: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt: Bloating is Something that Your Body Does FOR You


The Body Image Podcast: Colleen Reichmann on Eating Disorders, Recovery, Hope, Body Image & Self-Esteem

Eating Disorder Recovery For Adults: Tabitha Farrer: Dr Colleen Reichmann on recovery, HAES, body diversity, and advocacy


Mom Genes: The Podcast:Your Recovery Part 1


Trust and Thrive: Tara Mont: Eating Disorder Recovery and Body Liberation


The Body Love Podcast: Jessi Haggerty: How to Ethically Share Your Recovery Story 


Therapy Thoughts: Tiffany Roe: COVID19 Self Care, The Risks of Wellness Culture, and Infertility


Recovery Bites: Karin Lewis: Strong Recovery With Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Whole Hearted Eating Podcast: Dana Monsees: The Messiness of Motherhood With Dr. Colleen Reichman


Whole Hearted Eating Podcast: Dana Monsees: Alcohol Culture and Our RelationshipWith Food With Colleen Reichmann




The Feminist Mom Podcast: Erin Spahr: Bounce Back Culture With Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Mental Filter Podcast: Shmuel Fischler:So you want to start a family? with Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Can I Have Another Snack: Laura Thomas: Why It’s Ok To Feel Mad At Your Body With Dr. Colleen Reichmann


You’re Not The Crazy One: Alisa Stamps: Eating Disorders and Infertility 


The Dude Therapist: Eli Weinstein: Taking A Bite Out of Life With Dr. Colleen Reichmann


Therapy Thursday With Kelly U: Kelly U: I’m An Eating Disorder Therapist Who Recovered From an Eating Disorder Featuring Dr. Colleen Reichamann


Whole Hearted Eating Podcast: Dana Monsees: Aging, botox, and body image with Dr. Colleen Reichmann


The ARC/K WURD Radio: Rhonda Gibson 


ED Catalogue: 

The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery: Advice from Two Therapists Who Have Been There Interview

Recovery Warriors:

Starting Treatment During the Holidays? Read This First

The Case Against Fitbit: Five Reasons to Ditch the Counters and Apps

Dear Doctor, Meet Your Patient With An Eating Disorder

Is It Normal to Have Feelings of Nostalgia For Your Eating Disorder?

Adios Barbie:

Dear Doctor, Meet Your Patient in a Larger Body


Understanding Therapy For Eating Disorders: An Interview

Thanksgiving Can Be Hard on Kids Who Have Eating Disorders – Tips For Parents to Make it Easier

What I Want Parents to Know About Eating Disorders

Angie Viets Inspired Recovery

Spotted: A Diet in Disguise

The Mighty

A Letter From a Psychologist to the Warriors Who Speak With Me

Glam Salad

Calories 101

Scary Mommy

An Eating Disorder Told Me I’d Rather Be Thin Than Have Kids


Recent Presentations

California State University Northridge: Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating (2021) Recovery Real Talk: Demystifying and Destigmatizing Eating Disorder Recovery 

The Positivity Charge (2019): Mental Health: It’s Time to Talk About It!

West Chester University (2019): Eating Disorders: The Why, The How, The Way Out

IADEPT Greater Philadelphia Workshop (2018): Finding Freedom From Body Hatred 

James Madison University (2018): Owning Your Body: Body Autonomy After Trauma

Eating Recovery Center Conference (2018): Not Sick Enough: On the Egosyntonic Nature of Eating Disorders From a Patient and Clinician Perspective

The College of William and Mary (2018) : SMASHTalk: Eating Disorders and Body Image

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Conference (2018): Forgotten Bodies: The Importance of Intersectionality for the Evolution of Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery

University of Virginia Law School Feminist Legal Forum (2018): Deconstructing Diet Culture

True Warrior (2017) Food Body Love Rally: Perfectionism: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly With Dr. Colleen Reichmann

Princess Anne High School Honors Society (2017): Eating Disorders 101

Binge Eating Disorder Conference (BEDA) 2017: Marginalized Bodies: Weight Stigma in Eating Disorder Treatment and What We Can Do About It

Beauty Sick: On Our Cultural Obsession With The Mirror (2016): The College of William and Mary


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Balance Treatment Center Recognizes 80 Expert Eating Disorder Therapists and Advocates


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