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If you’ve been a follower of the practice on social media or are active on our newsletter or website you may have noticed a change recently – our name! We were founded, by Dr. Colleen Reichmann, as Wildflower Therapy LLC; however, in the past few years we’ve been operating under the name Therapy for Eating Disorders and Body Image. Recently, we switched back to Wildflower Therapy LLC. 

So, why the switch? Because just like you, we grow, change and evolve as a practice! We remain fervently committed to supporting our clients when it comes to eating disorder recovery, body image and dismantling the inequalities and biases perpetuated by diet culture. That doesn’t change. But we also want to honor and hold space for the range of interconnected issues that our clients and us as humans face regularly. In treating disordered eating, we find ourself exploring and interested in broader women’s issues such as motherhood, feminism, fertility and more. 

As a mother to a newborn and toddler, Dr. Reichmann is offering her unique voice in this space, through her new substack essays – if you haven’t already, you can subscribe here. Don’t worry, we’ll still discuss body image, recovery, intuitive eating and everything in between here on the blog, while also inviting room for conversation related to the other hard things we all work through. Have something you want to see covered here? Send it to

We’re embracing this change with excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. While, on the topic – what does change look like for you now? Try out these journaling prompts for a start: 

  • How do I usually react to change? 
  • Are there ways I can respond instead of simply react?
  • What changes would I welcome into my life in this season? What’s in my control to achieve them? 

Change is a part of life. It can be beautiful and take-your-breath away exciting and it can also be terrifying and unwelcome. But it is. We’re looking forward to going through this one with you by our side. 

By: Maddy Weingast, Assistant to Wildflower Therapy LLC