Hello and welcome to Wildflower Therapy

Dr. Reichmann here! May I just take a moment to say that I am so glad that you found us? Truly. It’s not easy to begin the search for a therapist, so just know that I am virtually fist-bumping you for the simple act of clicking onto our page.

I founded Wildflower Therapy in 2016, with the belief that everyone who struggles with their body or food in any way deserves a safe place to heal and rediscover the colorful parts of life. Because therapy should feel like a haven of sorts- a place where it feels safe to say the hard things. A place where you can learn actual skills to utilize out there in the bright (sometimes scary) world. A place to cry, but also– a place to laugh. And further more- you should feel like your therapist actually *likes* you, you know? You should feel cared for. Deeply cared for. That is part of what makes therapy healing.

The practice has slowly but surely expanded. Now, we are a small crew of therapists who care. We are *those* therapists-the ones who genuinely adore the people that we work with. Because we know how it feels to struggle with food and body image. And we have a shared passion of helping others dig their way out of the same hole we were in. We also have experience working in many other areas of mental health, including mood issues, trauma, maternal mental health, and mental health issues specific to college students and atheletes. 

We get it. We’ve been there. And we know the way out. We’d love to help you get there. 

Are you someone who struggles in your relationship with food? Do you feel caught in the unrelenting cycle of trying to control your body, then feeling anxious and guilty about eating-then turning back to trying to use those same methods to regain control? We can help. 

We are licensed to provide therapy to clients who reside in PA, NJ, DE, FL, MA, VT, or VA! And if you are a student currently residing in any of these states, we are able to provide therapy to you as well (even if your parents live elsewhere.) 

Ready to ditch your eating disorder and begin living life in color again? Let’s do it.