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Challenging Eating Disorder Amotivation: Exercises for Clinicians to Instill Motivation and Hope Among Clients With Eating Disorders

Amotivation to recover is one of the main challenges that clients with eating disorders face. I know- I’ve been there as the patient, and, years later- as the clinician working with folks who struggle with this!

As an eating disorders specialist, I feel confident in the techniques that I have developed over the years to help my clients work through amotivation and lack of hope. And in this webinar, I’m spillin’ everything I know. In it, I explain the core reasons that folks struggle with amotivation from both an empirically-based perspective, and from my own clinical experience. I provide you with 12 effective tools and exercises to use in session with your clients. If you are a therapist or dietitian looking to learn more about how to help your clients build motivation and hope, this webinar is for you.

For $85 you receive a copy of the 47- minute webinar, along with three worksheets that you can use with clients

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