Wildflower Therapy is proud to be one of the most sought-out practices for eating disorder therapy in the greater Philadelphia area. We treat eating disorders from a Health at Every Size and weight-inclusive lens. Additionally, we use an integrative and individualized therapeutic approach. We help people to finally discover peace with food and their bodies-sometimes after a lifetime of struggling.

Listen- we know how scary it can be to be vulnerable about these topics and To share your deepest fears and past traumas with another human. Especially when it comes to your relationship with food and your body. That is exactly why we are so honored, and we don’t use that word lightly, to be a part of your journey. We believe that you are the expert on your life and your experiences. So, we walk alongside you and help you to process your lived experiences, fears, and struggles with both food and body image. Learn more about eating disorders here.

Woman sitting outside and staring pensively into the distance.  If you are struggling with your relationship with food, eating disorder therapy in Philadelphia can help. Learn more here.

Eating Disorder Therapy Approach


We have experience working across all levels of care for eating disorder treatment. Our Therapists have honed skills from every level and treatment setting in order to be able to offer a completely tailored approach to therapy that fits your needs. We have worked with people from ages 11-80 who have struggled. We have experience working with people across the entire spectrum of disorders eating. That is, we work with those who do not identify as having an eating disorder, but instead feel that they have engaged in chronic or “yoyo dieting.”  We are just as happy to work with those who have had severe and enduring diagnosed eating disorders for years.

If you are struggling in your relationship with food but are unsure if you have a diagnosable eating disorder, you are welcome here and worthy of help. Or, if you are struggling with an eating disorder and want to recover, you are welcome here and worthy of help. If you are struggling with an eating disorder and are not sure if you want to recover, you are welcome here and worthy of help. If you have been labeled as “treatment resistant” or “difficult” by other providers, you are welcome here and worthy of help. Anyone who is struggling in any way to show up in your body, or with your relationship with food in any way- all are welcome here.

Hands holding a collection of dandelions. Sharing your thoughts and feelingsc can be scary. Our eating disorder therapy in Philadelphia offers a safe and supportive place to work through these emotions.

We specialize in helping folks recover from the following eating disorders:


Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized mainly by restriction of food intake. Binge eating and compensatory behaviors such as purging can also be a part of this diagnosis.


Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by cycling between periods of binge eating, interspersed with periods of compensatory behaviors such as purging or fasting.


Orthorexia is essentially an obsession with health. It is characterized by extreme rigidity with food choices, and a desire to eat and move “perfectly”. This desire begins to negatively impact various parts of one’s life.

Compulsive Exercise

Compulsive exercise involves experiencing a rigid, obsessional relationship with movement. Often times this can involve exercising despite an injury. The need to participate in an exercise becomes so extreme that it negatively impacts various parts of one’s life.

Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder. It is a disorder characterized by experiencing episodes of binge eating. These episodes involve a feeling of losing control. Folks who struggle with binge eating often report struggling with feelings of depression and low self-esteem.

Chronic Dieting

Though not a diagnosed eating disorder, chronic dieting has been shown to be just as negatively impactful to mental health. If you have cycled through diet after diet, and feel as if you have tried “just about everything,” you are likely a chronic dieter.

Individual sitting in a hammock watching the sunset. Eating disorders do not have to control your life. Eating disorder therapy in Pennsylvania can help.

At Wildflower Therapy, we view body image and food struggles from a feminist and social-justice-oriented lens. We embrace intuitive eating, joyful movement, and body liberation. We celebrate size diversity, and will never reduce your essence to a damn number on the scale. All of you are welcome here.


Eating Disorder Therapy in Philadelphia, PA Can Help

If you find yourself struggling in your relationship with food we would be honored to help you address those needs. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy. If you would like in-person therapy, you can come to our office in Philadelphia. If you prefer virtual therapy, our online therapists in Pennsylvania are available to help you begin the journey to understanding and overcoming unhealthy patterns of behavior.  Below are some steps to follow if you feel overwhelmed and would like to ask for help.

Step One:  Read our Statement of Beliefs to get a better understanding of who we are and what we stand for! 

Step Two: We encourage you to get to know a little bit about our therapists, their specializations, and their credentials. Get to know them here.

Step Three:  If you feel like we would be a good fit for you, please reach out to us to set up a free 30-minute consultation through our therapy appointment page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Step Four:  Begin your journey to self-healing and understanding!


Other Mental Health Services Provided in Philadelphia, PA

Life is a unique journey for each of us and we all have our individual battles to fight. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to any of life’s difficulties and we offer many unique perspectives and approaches to help meet you where you are with our Philadelphia, PA Therapy services. In Addition, we offer services for body image counseling, and services for depression and anxiety, and have practitioners who specialize in LGBTQIA+ affirming care. We also offer specialized therapy for college students and athletes. There are even therapists who specialize in perinatal and postnatal support.  Reaching out is often the most difficult step you can take to improve your mental health. And it is also the most important step you can take toward recovery. We look forward to helping you on this journey!