Hello and welcome to Wildflower Therapy LLC!

I founded Wildflower Therapy in 2016, with the belief that everyone who struggles with their body or food in any way deserves safe and affirming therapy. Since this time, I have had the honor of helping more people than I ever thought possible to live more free and embodied lives. 

The practice has slowly but surely expanded. Now we are a small crew of therapists who deeply care about this work. We know how it feels to struggle with food and body image, and have a passion towards helping others dig their way out of the same hole we were in. We also have experience working in many other areas of mental health, including mood issues, addiction, LGBTQ-specific issues, and maternal mental health. 

Are you someone who struggles in your relationship with food? Do you find yourself being mean towards your own body? Or maybe you are someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, or overall self-esteem? Perhaps you are pregnant and feeling overwhelmed by mood struggles, or postpartum and experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and a deep sense of loneliness? Whatever your struggle, you are welcome here. 

Ready to move forward with hope and begin living life in color again? Let’s do it.